Physical boundary?

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  • Hi,

    I try to find a way to avoid to go through walls and found the physical boundary feature. Some problems:

    * How can I turn the viewer around the current place? (I'm going through a train and want to go back.) The mouse usage destroy the boundary mode.

    * Could the boundaries kept also if the mouse is used?

    * Some times I fall out the scene and it's difficult to come back. Is there a "back to home" trick?

    * My impression is that the virtual body of the walker is to big, I can't go through narrow places. (A 3D man is standing in the middle way of my train and I can go though the space on his side.)

    Also it could be nice to define objects as no boundary object, maybe per keyword. I want to go through 3D people standing in my way. Also I would like to go through glass doors without to open it.

    I missed a way to fix the standalone to the boundary mode, for example I don't want that my final client goes outside the train interior.


  • Today I pressed one of the num keys and the view jumps to one of the side views. It was a problem to come back inside my interior. Please add a button to come back to the initial view as the standalone was started.

    I think the walk mode is best for my large train interiors. One idea - please allow to use the arrow key + Shift to swing the camera. Sounds like no big coding task and so the user could look up/down and left/right. At this way I could 180° turn to my back and go in the other direction through the train. I think, this feature makes the walk mode complete only.

  • Micha Numpad "0" should solve your issue. Numpad "0" gets you back to your initial view position of the Enscape start.

  • Usually you have to use your mouse in order to change your view, like in a computer game.

    Hold your left mouse button and swipe the mouse in the wanted direction.

  • OK, but than I lost the walk mode. I can live with it, but if I send someone a standalone, than I would prefer a more stable and self explaining behavior. So, please try to add some short cuts for turning the camera. I'm sure it will enhance the usage. ;)

    Also it would be nice if the fly mode could be set to respect the boundaries.

    For example: I have a long train interior. I want to avoid that the viewer leave the train or goe's inside objects. I think my final customer like to install a computer at an exhibition and the visitors can free move within the virtual train. The model should be proof for VR novices.

  • Why would you lose the walk mode when you look around? A Walkmode with keyboard only is so retro, remembers me of the old wolfenstein 3D on a 486.

    A flymode with boundaries? So you won't be able to fly through ceilings, walls, windows, trees etc. etc.

    I don't think that this would be a great idea 8o The navigation would be more complex than the walkmode.

    We often show Enscape at exhibitions and out of our experience no user tried to look around and to turn with keyboard only.

    Some like navigating with Xbox controller some prefer the keyboard + mouse solution

  • I tested it here and found my problem was that also I a little bit adjusted the view per RMB and MMB. So, it could be great for exhibitions if the walk mode would be stay active in this case too. The user shouldn't move the view into a wall, a safe-walkmode could be a nice solution for screen presentation.

    Also useful would be to get a save fullscreen mode based on a secret button combination to leave the mode. I think on simple computer screen VR usage without glasses - for exhibitions or presentations.

    Is the 3Dconnexion spacenavigator be supported?