Better Liscense Switching between machines.

  • It would be great if there was a better interface for switching licenses between computers. Yes, we can copy paste every time, but it would be great if there was a one click option to see where the active license is.

    it really slows down the work flow that it is only one seat. Corona Render was great because you could work on a laptop and a desktop at the same time.

  • Thanks , I'll forward your feedback!

  • Thanks , I'll forward your feedback!

    Has there been any development on this? As with Tandem.Design I'm finding it a real inconvenience switching between machines. As an independent designer I spend my time split between clients studios and home where I have to remember to deactivate the license on one to enable it on another machine.

    If I forgot and the machine was left on in one location would it be feasible to remotely access a PC (e.g. Teamviewer or MS Remote Desktop) and deactivate/reactivate licenses that way?

    Furthermore could Sketchup and Enscape be operated remotely using similar software?