Enscape Strart Icon (Yellow Cube) Dilemmatic

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  • i dont know it is may be funny for everyone. I repeatedly clicked wrong icon, because of this cube icon of the same color, shape. I don't know if it happened to someone else?

    Because of the rush I repeatedly thought it was the same icon (damn i'm wrong :D).

    I only suggest to change the icon to edit the Enscape Object maybe with another symbol as long as it's not the same as the Enscape Start Icon because when Enscape is running it still reloads, so it can't be checked first if Enscape is running then there's no need to load reset? (every time i clicked wrong icon then it will reloading, i is make me frustating because loading take a time you know..) thank you

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    Hi ElZoel , thank you for your feedback! I have stored a feature request in your name for product management to be notified about.

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    wow.. thank you :love: very happy to hear that, i think the light or lamp symbol may be more representative since the function is to make a light

    That does make sense. I'll forward it as well. :)

  • I don't think it's a very well thought-out toolbar: things have been added and shifted as they come along.

    Having 'output' buttons separate from the rest I think is a good idea, but I think that some of them are miss-placed...

    - [Start Enscape] First button; excellent choice. Not sure you need the 'play' icon over the top of the logo, but some folk do need a little prompt. Perhaps it could change to a 'refresh' icon rather than a 'play' icon if it's running already.

    - [Live updates] Since this is a mode-toggle I feel some sort of HUD icon would be more appropriate or a sub-menu pop-up under the main 'start enscape' button. Perhaps a change in the main Enscape button to show that live updates are active? (Change the colour?)

    - [Sync views] Again, this is a mode-toggle; some sort of indicator in the program/on the button. Why do these view mode options get a dedicated button when other options don't? (For example 'safe frame' or any check-box in the settings)

    - [View Manager] Aesthetically, it's a picture of a 'video' camera when it relates to the views created with the 'SLR' camera button. If it actually managed the settings for each view and let you change/update/recall the settings it would be brilliant, but all it does is allow you to mark favorites - which should be automatically set when you create a view from within Enscape. I think it should also come after the 'save view' button rather than before it.

    - [Save view] An icon of a camera. To me that is for taking a picture and I have to deliberately not click on it when I want to render an image. It may be antiquated, but the disc icon or a folder with an in icon would make more sense to me. With most other programs you get a 'save settings...' button from the folder location/file name popup dialogue that shows you the "capture" settings - this would be handy. It would also be nice to access these settings directly from the main toolbar button.

    - [VR headset] To me, this should be the second button after the main Enscape one: it's one of the primary USP's of Enscape. Personally I don't have a VR headset, so can't comment further.

    - [Enscape Objects] I do think that the icon is too similar to the start button (as per the OP), but it wouldn't be needed at all if the contents under it were in a separate toolbar, including the next button (assets).

    - [Assets] Other than being another Enscape object to be included with the others, there are loads of things that could be improved with the asset UI. See other threads.

    - [Materials] (SU) I like the fact that it's beside the 'objects';

    - [Enable/Disable sound] Another on/off setting that I think should be within the 'general settings' rather than having a dedicated button.

    - [General settings] I think for clarity this should probably be a 'wrench'*' icon that most programs associated with "settings that change the way the program works". (* or 'cog' icon, but it then becomes too similar to the material settings icon)

    - [Visual Settings] The 'sliders' icon is quite appropriate, but I think it should be beside the 'save view' icon since you are working with settings that change the view. Perhaps there could/should be a button for each of the tabs: Rendering, Atmosphere, Image & Capture. (or a call-out that would open the selected one)

    - [Feedback] I get that by putting it on the front, main menu you are encouraging folk to give comment and an easy place to communicate, but I think that this should be another tab within the general settings (along with links to the search function on this forum.)

    - [Info] I think that this is another button that should be within the general settings and/or linked to a [?] button on both the settings dialogues.

    The other toolbar (capturing)...

    - [Render] While the icon of an arrow to a picture does convey the concept, personally I find it very similar to the other 'capturing' buttons and can get confused with the camera button for saving a scene. You also have the 'save movie' button that has a mini-folder icon: I think changing this to a simple folder icon might be better.

    - [Exe] I like that the icon does what it says, but I feel that exporting the whole model deserves a division from just exporting a screen-shot render.

    - [Web] Since the icon is similar to the Exe button you get what it does, however I think that it should be beside/within the web management button (and/or the 'document' behind the image should be a globe)

    - [Video Editor] This toggles the mode into 'movie editing' - it would be better shown as a movie camera similar to the ones you actually place within the mode. This is another "mode toggle" that perhaps should be grouped with the other view mode toggles?

    - [Load path] shown as a folder icon over the movie... only one small detail; I would prefer if the folder was an open folder, but I think that the load/save and render options should be available from within the movie editor rather than having buttons outside it.

    - [Save path] This icon only activates when you have two or more keyframes generated/loaded. A disc over the movie is an OK icon, but you are not saving the movie - you are saving the path: it would be better if the disc icon was over a movie camera. However (again) I think that the button it's self should be within the video editor.

    - [Generate movie] This arrow points down, the generate still points to the side so it's inconsistent with the previous visual cues. I think the save path is a better icon for this command.

    - [Generate panorama] Icon is representative, but it just does it and reverts to the last view: you are not given any option on what to do with the generated panorama either before the action or after it - when you generate a movie or still it asks where to save it; why does this not? you have to work with the next button to generate them. I think this should be inside that dialogue or/and open that dialogue.

    - [Manage web] The icon is representative of the description, but the function requires a bit of an overhaul: The panorama options should only refer to the current project. The removing (updating?) of a web project should only refer to the current project. Anything that refers to the program as a whole should be accessible through the general settings dialogue.

    Note: these are my thoughts and comments - an enthusiastic user rather than a developer. I feel that the whole UI is in need of an overhaul to bring a cohesive feel to every area of the program. Unfortunately 'cosmetics' are normally pushed to the back of the development queue while other "cooler" things are worked on... probably have to wait for version 3 ;)