"Falling through the floor" - Enscape trouble

  • Hello Enscape Community,

    Every year we change our project showcase to our clients. In this year model something ODD is happening to our Enscape Model.

    Using the mouse+keyboard combo we can walk in the entire project, However when we activate the VR experience, we cant reach a few rooms of our model because we keep " Falling " as the program could not read the boundaries or the faces from the sketchup 3d model.

    I will try to fix the problem by re-doing the project in another file. Let me know if there is a solution for this matter!

    Thanks! :P

  • Thanks a lot for your report Diegondiim , in this case, for troubleshooting purposes it would be easiest if you can share some part of the project through which we could reproduce this falling through the floor in VR problem. Would that be possible at all? :) Please also ensure that you're on our latest release.