.mp4 not recognized

  • I have an issue on my new machine, I have had this problem for a while but have not bothered to find a cure as i have a backup machine used for video editing.

    The problem is when I render out animations in Enscape on my new machine it does not work with my video editing software on my machine, I use Camtasia studio or Vegas pro. I get a warning that the file is not valid, however if I send the mp4's to my old machine using the exact software it works just fine. I am assuming something on my new machine is screwing up with the codecs, have y'all ever heard of this issue? I know it's not an Enscape issue, just wanted to know if y'all may have some advice.

  • Solo

    Maybe there is an older version of Camtasia installed on your older workstation.

    They also have a limitation to 30FPS and recommend to convert them via Handbrake anyway...didn't hear about sth. like that before.

    Here is link to their German support website as I cannot find this information on the English one regardless that I only search via English search terms....


  • Hmm, something is not right, I just created an animation with Lumion which also exports to .mp4 and it works with both Camtasia and Vegas on the new machine, so it must be an Enscape issue? but how? I do not understand the logic here, gremlins today.