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  • Hi all,

    This begins with a question, which could end up as a suggestion if there's no suitable way to achieve it...

    I'm putting together an animation in Enscape which requires hundreds of animated people (just greyed out/semi transparent) and obviously Enscape doesn't do this. It's something that I could quickly and easily achieve in 3DS max which begs the question; can I export the Enscape camera paths in such a way that I can import them into max? The alternative for me at the moment is having to track the enscape footage (uuggghhhhhhh!!!) which is something I really, really do not want to do.

    Is the current camera path export format a proprietary one? Or is it based on fbx and possible to import in max? i.e. a simple change of file extension?

    If this isn't possible; what is the likelihood of you guys implementing a camera path export that is compatible with other software?

    Kind regards,


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    Hey Macker , thank you for your feedback!

    I see in your other thread that you seem to have answered your questions yourself - good job! You've probably noticed that the format is a proprietary, very simple one.

    I have filed your request for an export function, though!

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    Forwarded your feedback as well; thanks! :)

  • Hi,

    so I've done some researcher another user(Macker) on the forum had it so they could import the camera path from Enscape's xml file exporter to 3dsMax but they never posted the solution.

    I wrote a script in 3dsMax that takes a camera and morphs it between multiple positions and targets. This script works but when it brings in the XML positions and targets(lookat) it does not create a camera path like the one in Enscape. I know that the morph camera is going through all of the correct points in 3dsmax that correlate with the xml file as it prints the data correctly but the visual output is not the same. I had to flip the y/z coordinates and scaled my scene by 1000 which seemed to get somewhat of a similar camera orientation but generally it was not correct. &thumbnail=1

    I know that several people have asked about this, could there be a bug in the xml exporter? Also the other user who did this mentioned FOV i don't have those settings saved in the XML export file. Any help would be much appreciated. In the mean time I will try to generate an XML from 3ds Max and feed that into enscape.


  • Also the other user who did this mentioned FOV i don't have those settings saved in the XML export file. Any help would be much appreciated.

    going pick up on this point alone*

    you only get FOV values in your xml export when it's been manually set on a keyframe (see line 16 below) - otherwise the export runs "blank" to read off of the active view settings (which can lead to interesting/undesired results if you forget to switch from a wide lens if you set your path up with a tele lens)

    similarly, timestamp, time of day and DOF all (only) export per keyframe where they've been editted - and follow this convention per line:

    <Keyframe order="3" hour="12.2857" fieldOfViewRad="1.75387" focalPoint="2.25954" timestampSeconds="725.849">

    *my own studies are still ongoing and I've been meaning to post a "findings" thread to expand on what I've been finding/attempting/doing w/ Dynamo - until then, anyone interested might want to read some musings over at RFo