Video Editor (Flexible Keyframe)

  • Hi enscape team,

    #1 - When I make a video and add a few keyframes, I get too busy to determine the duration between frames, sometimes between frames one and two are too long, then the second and third frames are too fast, and this is troublesome but I find a possible solution, the keyframe that I circled in yellow in the picture can be made flexible can be sliding right and left so that the impact makes it easy to quickly adjust the duration between frames. thank you

    #2 - For the Shaky camera fx, may be there is an option to input how shaky the camera?

    #3 - can you make a "Preview" button move to another position, because i accidentaly click "Remove all" button when i want to make a preview and then it ruins all the hard job ;( and start again. Or... you can ask user with a message box that ask it before delete all keyframe, so it will prevent this situation

    #4 can you make a short cut for UNDO the last add keyframe? so i dont need to click the last keyframe and delete it

    i think thats all now, thank you for make enscape better and better good luck :thumbsup: