VR - Menu autohide and laser direction?

  • Hi

    I think the menu is nice - but when I don't need it I would like it to hide.

    Could it be possible to add an option to autohide the menu - but show it when the hand is raised to a certain angle?

    An other think (using Oculus Quest) - it seems that one has to turn the hand in a awkward angle to point the teleport laser forward?

    Keep up the impressive work!



  • Sure, I'll gladly forward your feedback. :) Is there any particular reason you want the menu to be hidden? It shouldn't be in the way at all if the left hand is not being raised. Also, regarding the behavior with the Oculus Quest, we'll have to check that out, thank you for the report.

  • Hi Demian Gutberlet

    I have no other reason than I find the menu disturbing when I don’t need it. And I think it might confuse customers with no VR experience- but that’s a guess as I have not yet tested my new setup.

    But it’s not a big deal, just an input :-)

    Okay, thank you for the further feedback. :) I'll forward it accordingly of course!