Large Plane Objects Causes Light Leak - Enscape 2.6.0 1125

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  • I've noticed some odd behavior with respect to light leaks: If you use a large ground plane you'll get light leaks. This happens regardless of whether or not you use a single, large plan or a series of connected planes.

    In my example, the ground plane is 36" thick. The light leaks happen regardless of what kind of material is applied. The leaks happen whether I'm right next to the object or far away.

    The box shown is comprised of 4" thick walls, floor, and ceiling.

    I have another project in which this phenomena is only happening on the top floor of a 3 story building. I suspect this is because I have full architecture all around some interior rooms in those lower floors, and all that architecture is acting as GI light leak blockers. In fact, when I simply duplicate that massive ground area and place it over the stacked white boxes, the light leaks vanish.

    If this is simply a known limitation of Enscape, let me know. However, I'm not sure how anyone could do large scenes with this issue.....??!

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    Thanks a lot for your post landrvr1 , with projects of this size this behavior in general is normal. A big ground plate affects global shadow map resolution precision in some cases, like seen above. In the case the only real solution would be decreasing the plane in general to only the size which is required. We're generally aware of this technical limitation - this is something we're working on improving basically all the time.