Trees dont scale in renderings

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  • I am a new user evaluating the trial version of Enscape. I have a Revit 2020 scene with many mature trees (120'-0"). I load the assets from the Enscape Asset Library and everything is fine, but small. I go to properties>Edit Type and change both Height and EnscapeAssetNativeHeight to 120'-0". The tree changes to the correct size in the Revit viewport, but does not change in the Enscape render window. Even if I render to a panorama the trees stay unscaled. Is there an additional trick to this? Is it a bug? Is it a featured turned off in the evaluation? Using version 2.6.2.

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    keithwales , if you generally want to adjust the size of our Assets you'll have to make use of the EnscapeNativeAssetHeight parameter. It may be a bit confusing at first, but the lower the value the larger assets will be displayed in Enscape and vice versa. Be aware, that you won't see any size changes in Revit itself. Can you try again please and let me know in case you're unsuccessful?