Camera exposure in animation

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  • Hi all,

    I'm animating a day to night shot. In the viewport I set the daytime shot up as I want it, then I move to around 8pm and set up the nighttime shot how I want it. Both look excellent.

    Then I render it out (with auto exposure on) and whilst the daytime shot looks fine, the night shot looks much darker than when I was setting it up in the viewport. Why is this?

  • If you transition quickly from day to night the auto exposure seems to react too slow, resulting in a initially too dark night portion of the exported video. To solve this a "look ahead" on the auto exposure for video export would be needed.

    That sounds exactly like what is happening. Does Enscape not evaluate exposure frame by frame? Would be good to be able to control how many frames it averages over.

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    Macker , I'm afraid at least for now this behavior is not really avoidable. The exposure acts like that of a camera (or the human eye), so when making some major changes time of day related in a short amount of time I would instead advice creating a longer video (so that the Auto Exposure also has some time to react) and then use a video editing software for example to speed the video up afterward. :)

  • I do appreciate that as far as we have no way to control the exposure changes, that there's a naturalistic easing that's programmed into the transitions. It's worked reasonably well for me, but I have found the lack of precise control frustrating at times, especially compared to something like Blender where there's the ability to control every aspect if you need too, while you can also rely on default easing when you don't need to adjust.

    Would it be possible - similar to how you can keyframe FOV - to add keyframing for manual exposure that would override the default transitions?