attaching a wheelchair to the user

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  • Hello,

    I am a newcomer to Enscape, so please apologies if thisis already answered:

    I have disabled users who would like to go through building exploration with Enscape (investigating access issues, etc). I'd like them to be in ecological conditions, i.e. seated in a wheelchair, and therefore "walking" at sitting level. Is it possible to add a wheelchair model (I have these) and attach it to the user at proper position, to make the simulation even better ?



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    jeanneV , thank you very much for your inquiry. :) At least at the moment it is not possible to attach a Wheelchair, or any other vehicle/object for that matter to the spectator itself. I can totally understand that this would be a valuable feature though to make the experience more immersive / realistic as well! I've filed it as a dedicated feature request for you.