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  • You kiiiind of have a point there. Twinmotion - while offering some great features - though is pretty clunky to use and has no constant instant sync. Plus last time I checked even the smallest standalone exports exceeded 1GB which is ridiculous. Furthermore Twinmotion is backed by Epic which I'd suppose give them access to way different ressources.

  • It's based on the UnReal game engine, so the actual rendering and lighting is 'straight out the box' built-in. Enscape have their own rendering and lighting engine and it's twinned with the model geometry in real-time - back ends are poles apart.

    ... however it does show that some of the more fanciful ideas/features are possible.

  • The assets they have from Megascans are reallllly nice. Wish we had trees and plants of that quality, though the ones from Evermotion are quite good, there just aren't very many of them. The auto aging feature is pretty snazzy as well (when you resize vegetation in Twinmotion 2020, the leaves and branches grow proportionally, maturing like a real tree)