Closed box is rendered open

  • Sounds like it will cause trouble. Simple test: windows and a white emitter added, no additional special light is needed.

    In the past I use AO at other render engines and it was no problem to get light to a closed interior without to see it at reflections.

    Could it not be that the bad effect is caused by an automatic render optimization? I hope it can be optimized.

    EDIT: added a test with clear reflection - good to see, the GI isn't calculated for direct invisible areas. Should a simple scene like this not be easy full calculated?

  • As Thomas Schander mentioned in your other thread, GI calculation for reflections (outside "screenspace", which means for surfaces not visible to the camera at the moment) is not feasable for us at the moment. The reflected geometry is shaded with an ambient term and direct sun light (+ approximated artificial lighting).

  • O, I understand. That's a pity. Stay to hope that this restriction can be avoided in the future. But it's good to know for working around and avoid situations.

    I think it could be good if all restrictions would be list at the knowledge base. So, users could better estimate what can be done per Enscape and what should be avoided.

    Thank you for the insight.