Standalone EnscapeClient Viewing in VR Issue

  • Looking how to engage the feature where you can look around without the model moving. For example you can stand stationary but lean forward, move your head and look out a window. I think it has something to do with the oculus base sensor for spatial location. This is difficult to describe so I hope it makes sense. Right now if I move my head, the entire model moves.

  • Hey Navisworker , I'm sorry to hear about this problem. Right of the bat it doesn't seem like this is directly related to a problem from Enscape's side, so the question is, do you experience a similar behavior in any other VR application? Please also make sure that you followed all the steps detailed in our knowledgebase article for VR headsets in general here:…l-reality-headset/#oculus

    If you done that, please send in a feedback report as described here from the machine on which you experience this issue. :) In the submission form, please add a link to this thread for context. Thank you very much in advance.