Enscape Objects - IES profile selection - LED IES file attachment

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  • Hello All,

    I frequently use Enscape to generate evening views, what we call in the retail design and entertainment industry "magic hour" renderings. Generally the tools currently available under Escape Objects are sufficient to render excellent twilight renderings of animated and heavily populated commercial scenes for this market segment.

    In the last few weeks though, I have been asked to explore accurate renditions of outdoor areas mainly illuminated with a variety of LED strip lighting fixtures. I have noticed that of the Enscape Objects toolset only the spotlight elements offer the ability to attach IES files.

    So my question has two parts:

    1 - Has anyone been in this situation and somehow come up with an accurate workaround?

    2 - Are there any plans to expand the Enscape Objects toolset to include the ability to assign IES files to Line or Rectangle lighting objects, or even better, include LED strips as another category of lighting objects?

    Your contribution is greatly appreciated.



  • Too bad Autodesk killed that fantastic program. I used Lightscape for many years throughout the mid-90's, back then it was like witnessing magic on the screen.

    I can imagine in time the Enscape development team would extend the artificial lighting capabilities of Enscape.:)