New Settings: camera/view settings vs global settings

  • Some settings would make more sense if they were stored inside the view vs in general settings tab. I suggest the following logic:

    • a new 'update view' button
    • this button saves/updates all edits that you can do inside the Enscape rendering window:
      • Camera position
      • Time of day
      • Sun overrides (ctrl + u/i etc)
    • I suggest also moving these options from the general settings menu to controls inside the Enscape rendering window (and be included in the proposed update view button)
      • Field of view
      • Depth of field
    • when switching to the saved view, all the settings listed above are automatically loaded

    I believe it would be an easier UX and would also allow us to reproduce the exact same renderings.

  • Thanks Demian.

    Perhaps I should also add, that if the Enscape team believes these settings should remain synced with the application view (revit camera, sketchup scene, etc), perhaps Enscape should write/update that information to the application view.

    In other words, if I move the Enscape camera inside Enscape (which my users seem to find a lot easier then positioning the Revit camera), we should be able to hit a button 'update view' and it pushes that new camera location to the Revit view. Same with time of day (and even day-of-the-year).

    Not sure whether the API will allow for full control on all applications (for example, not sure whether you can set FOV on a revit view through the api), but in cases where the API is limiting, I personally feel it would be acceptable to save/load that information in dumb text parameters/attributes assigned to that view. Similar as how you are saving which views are favorite.

  • I was thinking exactly about it yesterday. In rhino it is also painful to setup cameras. If you want to override de previous camera you have to delete the previous setup and then create a new one. Also I believe the sun position,hidden objects, should be in this camera preset.

    Otherwise it is difficult to bake multiple views because each will need tweaks to look good.

  • Based on this topic: Batch Rendering Inefficiencies with 2.7

    Perhaps it would also be good to add an option to the camera/favorite view "override active geometry".

    • ON: enscape loads the geometry as defined in the view every time when the view is activated (batch rendering, enscape render window)
    • OFF: enscape uses camera location and settings but loads the geometry based on the active view in the ribbon dropdown