can hardly output rendering larger than 4K since adding RTX Support

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  • I use the RTX2070 graphics card. In many cases, I will show the renderings of A1 or even A0 (at least 150dpi) to customers or judges, and now I have to use the version without RTX SUPPORT to achieve the needs of large renderings.

    But I still hope to get more shocking realism and reliability through RTX in large renderings. Can the release of 2.7 meet the maximum rendering size of 8192 pixels that Enscape has always allowed or at least meet the rendering size larger than 7000 pixels (on RTX2070 or more powerful graphics cards)?

  • Issues with rendering big screenshots on RTX is a mixture of GPU memory amount needed and how memory is managed when RTX is enabled. We are aware of this and work on a solution (or at least significant improvement) for 2.7.