Object / Mat / Depth Export During Lossless PNG Frame Creation??

  • I was really hoping that during the lossless png export, I could also get the object/mat/depth frames when I have the box checked in the prefs!!! That should be a relatively easy thing to add, right? lol. Seriously, this would be incredibly handly for post work. Why have an option for just stills and not frames? Tnx

  • Thank you both for your feedback! :) This has been requested before in a similar fashion, so I'll be upvoting that existing feature request through your voices to state the further demand for this. ;)

  • Great Demian, thanks. One interesting part of our workflow is to isolate different objects and figures in our scenes in order to highlight them with After Effects magic, lol. It also helps to simply have overall post control over individual elements in the scene.

    I fully recognize that this falls firmly in the realm of traditional viz designer work and isn't something that the average Enscape user might need. :)