Wish: Mouse-Walkthrough navigation

  • Hi,

    I have some problems to navigate through my scene. What I miss is a simple mouse based walk through. Advantage - simple navigation with turns. Could it be possible to use the mouse as pointer the scroll wheel as back&forward move and the eyehight stay fixed (could be adjusted by Q/E). Click and hold could allow to change the view direction (like current, but in walk mode). It's not so different to the current control. Most important is the keept walk mode.


  • Yes, I know, I ask because I can't simple navigate through my scene. It's not intuitive and I afraid my client will feel the same. I miss an "idiot-proof"-way. Give some one a standalone and he should walk through the scene without problems. Toggle the space bar every few moves is to much trouble. Simple walk trough and keep in the interior scene could be a big step forward.

    I sent an email to support and you can try it. It's an example where I want to show how it works at my end.

  • Micha, I understand your frustration with keyboard controls; i've had some people say similar - it tends to be a skill that PC gamers have picked up.

    In my office I show people these resources, to help them practice and get more comfortable with keyboard/mouse control:

    Free Minecraft

    WASD Practice

    We also make use of an xbox controller in our meeting room which is great for client engagements in their projects.

    Hope this helps

  • Nice tools, thank you.

    My problem will be that standalone needs to be ready for people with standard PC knowledge only, because final clients can't be trained before presentation - it are the big bosses who like to play at the presentations or visitors at an exhibition.

    And there are some really hard handicaps like loosing the walkmode by turning the camera. We all have mouse usage experience and I see no problem to walk instead zoom by scroll wheel.

    Please, Enscape team, could we not test it, for example first as hidden test feature per ALT+scroll wheel.

  • Often the models will be confidential and a full 3D VR experience is wanted to present new designs. OK, if a simple safe (mouse) navigation is a problem, than this big client needs to stick on his expensive current VR software and the in house solution.

    Since anything is quite good looking at Enscape I thought the last little step would be easy and I could over VR content. So, I will stick at renderings and panos for the client and nice Enscapes VR for me only.