Enscape Material Requests

  • A few simple suggestions to the enscape material editor (I'm using Rhino 6).

    01 - Texture tools. Right now we only have limited tools to tweak the texture, mainly brightness, invert and texture transformation.

    -Brightness won't allow us to brighten the image, just darken. which is limiting

    -Texture transformation should have a lock aspect to make adjusts faster. Also, when pressing "Tab" to cycle between boxes would be better to have the value already selected, this way we won't need to delete the previous value and time a new one (time saver).

    The ideal here would be to mimic the Rhino texture tools which is very good, with "mirror alternate tiling", "WCS"(world coordinate system mapping, which is great since we won't need to apply UVW mapping), Output adjustments (like clamp, brightness, gamma, saturation, contrast, hue,...). Also would be good to be able to instantiate and copy paste textures/texture parameters.

    02 - Roughness - Similar to the above, when using a texture for roughness would be good to brighten the image, setting the value to something more than 100%

    03 - Bump with normal map - Having an intensity value when using a normal map texture

    Thanks, Enscape is a great tool,