Will the Oculus Remote work with Enscape?

  • I have the Touch sensors but we are looking for something simpler for demos and client presentations. Will the Oculus remote work with Enscape if we purchase one?

  • VStudio The Oculus Remote is too limited and therefor not supported. But we support the Xbox controllers as well.

  • We have found that using teleport seems to be the easiest method for getting clients to move around a space with the least risk of someone feeling sick. Very nice!

  • Micha we have filed your question as feature request. I can't tell you at this point when it will be realized - it depends on the priority, complexity, how often it has been requested, and of course how many other features are being requested, as well. ;)

    We're doing our best to fulfill your requests as fast as possible.

  • From my side this is the most important feature I'm missing. I can create nice VR, but can't easy walk trough, only like a Robot with arrow keys left/right/forward/backward. Turning around is a problem.

    Clients ask me for VR now, but since an easy PC navigation isn't possible, I don't know what to do. Skip the projects? Gave the client the feeling he got an unfinished project? Should I really tell my clients to press the space bar after every jump? It's like a car without control wheel.

    I'm lost with a great tool and can't use it. :(

  • Micha I have troubles understanding the importance of this feature for you. Would you mind to explain?

    - Why is turning around a problem, if you intend to navigate using the mouse anyways? Because of motion sickness?

    - Didn't you request this feature for non-VR use? ("Since teleporting is an option for VR headsets, could this available for PC screen and mouse too? It could be like google street view navigation." - "Great, and now a kept walk mode and I could fly through my model. Please implement that the walk mode is kept.

    (At the moment I need to press the space bar after each jump and it is like "Hockstrecksprung". :)")

    - If you don't like navigation using WASD, have you ever tried using the XBox Controller or 3D Connexion SpaceMouse? They usually give you a lot more control over your movement.

  • Kaj Burival : Right, we talk about viewing VR on PC screen only.

    Turning around in walk mode is a problem since it broke the walk mode. So, if you walk per arrow keys and look around per mouse than you can't walk per arrow keys anymore, the walk mode needs to be enabled again. That's bad to communicate to final clients.

    Arrow keys are not really a nice way. The mouse double click jump is a quite perfect way, if the eye height would be kept.

    For my personal use a special device would be a solution, but often final clients doesn't have a special device. So, a nice mouse navigation would help a lot. And from my users view it looks like we are so near to a solution, if double click&fly wouldn't cause to lay on the ground.

  • So, if you walk per arrow keys and look around per mouse than you can't walk per arrow keys anymore, the walk mode needs to be enabled again.

    I think here lays the great misunderstanding. That is of course entirely possible. You can most certainly look around during walkmode, just as you do during flymode (by holding left mouse button and moving the mouse).

    The mouse double click jump is a quite perfect way, if the eye height would be kept.

    That's actually not as easy as you say - there are lot's of things to consider when you want to teleport and have a "physical" spectator that collides with geometry (that's how the walkmode works). For instance: What are you going to do, if there's geometry blocking the position on the ground below the teleportation target? What are you ging to do if there's no geometry (let the spectator fall down each time)? We'll definitely evaluate the use case, but please bear in mind - not everything that "sounds" easy is as easy to implement in a proper and useable way. ;)

  • Hi Clemens Musterle ,

    thank you for bring me to my mistake. Right, it works. I'm not sure what I did wrong before. Sorry.

    I'm fascinated by the mouse teleport feature. So, maybe an easier request. Could it be possible lock the eye height? I think on to press a toggle button like "h" during the VR is started. My favorite would be if the eye height lock could be enabled for exported VR.exe. So, I could send a VR to a client and he doesn't need to lock the height. The lock would be a great addition to the double click jump. My impression is without a height lock this feature is not really useable. You could test it on my train example scene I sent per email.

  • It would be great if you could just hand a client a single controller and they can lift it up to walk forward and back. Teleport is also very useful but in a small space we found that gets clumsy (client clicks on bed and ends up in the air).

    I would also love a feature that you can create a boundary where a client cannot go beyond no matter what. I was demoing an apartment on the 14 floor and most people ended up outside by accidentally teleporting, so some clients just wanted to see what would happen if they click outside.