Camera and render settings

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  • Hi again. :)

    I have a few more suggestions for the Enscape development. Rhino

    01- Have real camera settings for exposure, FOV, etc. With Iso, Shutter speed and aperture. This way we can mimic photography workflow and have a more consistent result between projects.

    02- Have an option to show the camera gridlines all the time. They are really useful to adjust composition and align horizontal lines.

    03- Save all the parameters (sun position, exposure, cloud density,....) for each camera view saved. This way we can setup everything and hit bake and relax.

    04- Have a way to override already saved views. Right now we need to delete and create a new one.


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    alexandrecollaco , great feedback, thanks a lot! :) All of these things have been requested before, in similar fashions to some extend, so I'm forwarding your upvote to each of the topics (feature requests) accordingly!