Raster Exports

  • Using the Revit plugin, the raster export functions are great for photoshop work - would it also be possible to have a "transparency" export though?

    This would show 100% opaque elements as white, empty space as black (or vice versa) and transparent objects as shades of grey in between - using the Revit material transparencies?
    A window with one sheet of glass would be say 30% grey, whereas looking through one window and then through another window beyond would give 60% grey? This would give me something really useful to use as an alpha channel.

  • hollers , thank you very much for your feedback. :)

    Just to help me understand this request better, what would be your exact use case if you were able to have access to this functionality? Afterward I'll add it as further feedback to the feature request I'm gladly filing for you!

  • Hi Demian,

    It would allow us more control in post production. By assigning the “transparency” export to an alpha channel in photoshop I’d be able to select the pixels of the Enscape render with a transparency mask and slide in a background without loosing reflections or sheen on glass.

    If you refer to the image below - it’d be difficult to add a cityscape background in here as there is a view through the building facade. The transparency channel would make the process much simpler.

    Likewise, say I render a car with a white background then want to drop it onto a black background it’d allow the reflection on the car windscreen to be preserved without having to mask out all the views through the glass.

    (alternatively you might just add “black background” to the options - similar to the existing “white background” - but that’s a different request!)

    I appreciate it’s niche but it’s a workflow that used to exist in Maxwell and VRay and a function that I’d imagine would be relatively simple to add, given we already have raster exports for depth, material, ID, etc...

  • Thanks a lot for taking the time to explain hollers , I'll gladly file your inquiry as a feature request and add your feedback! :)