Enscape rendering and SketchUp direct export under synchronize views hard to align

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    Doing this will make post-processing much more streamlined, if I get it correct. Is there an opportunity to provide an option in Enscape for Enscape to crop its rendering using the same algorithm as SketchUp (SU in later content) direct export, when utilizing synchronize views to export at a fixed aspect ratio?

    It seems like Enscape and SU are implementing different cropping mechanism when requesting to export at a fixed aspect ratio, when the requested aspect ratio is different from what is on the screen/viewport. (Which is 99% of the case, because screen aspect ratio is manipulated by dragging the window and intend to be loose. ). Which is making the overlay of these 2 layers difficult. Is this true or am I doing something wrong? In comparison, exporting with screen/viewport aspect ratio on both ends gets the job done decently (See image below), however, fixed aspect ratio is more practical since in SU screen/viewport aspect ratio can only be manipulated by drugging the window of SU and the result is very hard to maintain through multiple iterations.

    Both images below are using pixel to pixel overlay in Photoshop of SU exported hidden line and Enscape rendering. The left image is using a fixed aspect ratio export on both SU and Enscape, while the right one is using screen/viewport aspect ratio on both.

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  • Hey yangshuojin , I'm very sorry if I'm misunderstanding something, but you already made use of the "Use Viewport Aspect Ratio" setting which you can activate in the "Capture" tab of our Visual Settings? This setting becomes available once the "Resolution" is set to "Custom".

    It's mostly about the fact that you like to adjust the SketchUp view-port accordingly, but the output resolution of both the 2D Graphic and the final Enscape renderings should stay the same? :) In this case be aware that you can also have a look at the exported resolution of the SketchUP 2D Graphic as well and input that into the Capture tab as custom resolution.

    This should generally allow you to have perfect overlays all the time.

  • Demian,

    Long story short... I was wearing Enscape-, getting the notice from a post about parallel projection view implemented in 2.7, I updated to 2.7 yesterday... Wow, everything works. And yes, my issue could have been solved in 2.6.X. :P Anyway, appreciated!!!

    I'm very glad to hear that! :)