Web Standalone - view in VR

  • Hello - I'm wondering if its possible to view the web standalone exports with a vr headset (like Oculus Quest). If not, are there other options are for sharing a model with a client in VR (minus the standalone EXE or walking through a live model).

    I'm thinking along the lines of websites like Kuula (https://kuula.co/explore) and others that view 360 images and have a webVR option. Can this viewing format be used with Enscape's web standalone?

    thanks for the follow up - Corey

  • Thank you very much for your inquiry cdiruAK , our Web Standalones are currently not VR capable, but we know that there is of course demand for this (and this has been requested before), so I'll add your upvote that feature request. Right now the current available VR standalone headsets are not really capable enough of running our Standalones in general, although it would of course also depend on the size and complexity of the project.

    In the end it should only be a matter of time until VR capable Web Standalones are available, especially when VR standalone hardware is only getting better. :)