[REQ] Batch Render 100+ Scenes

  • I have 100+ scenes that I need to batch render. I would like a way to do that without manually selected each scene for batch rendering. Is this possible?

    Thank you!

    Yes! It is actually in our latest preview already.

    Have a look at how we implemented this new function:

    Let me know if there is anything you want to add to this as additional feedback. :)

  • I actually submitted feedback on this new printing method. I get it for the batch printing but it makes single frame painting not nearly as easy anymore. It is actually frustrating since now when I hit render, it wants me to select a view from the dropdown even thought I just want to render what I have on the enscape screen view. I also have to select the folder to render to for the selected drop down view folder. I get no option to name the file and I can't make edits to the Enscape screen image and render that image. I have to make my edits in Revit view and then reopen in Enscape. I may be missing some function or not understand but I just rendered 7 views from revit and I saw no options to change this behavior.

  • (It took me a bit of time to work this out; but if nothing is selected from the list when you click 'render' then it renders your current Enscape window - if you click one of the views, then it renders that view.)

  • It's not that nothing is selected. The topmost option in the list in bold "Use Current Enscape Viewport" ist selected - has the light gray background.

  • My mistake: if you don't click on anything, this option is selected by default.

    Feature request: currently if you deselect all the scenes, the [render] button is disabled. It would be better if the [Use Current Enscape Viewport] option becomes selected instead. With the UI layout and bold and roll-up divider, it's not immediately obvious that clicking on this does anything.

    Request 2: The [Select All CAD views] button need to change to [Select current viewport] when all views are selected to toggle the option. (At the very least, make the title-case uniform)

    Request 3: add/remove selected views from the 'favorites' list directly from this UI

  • Okay, that is great if you can render that viewport. Does it allow me the option to name the view prior to print? I don't have enscape in front of me but I am thinking it may but I wanted to confirm. The fact that the dialogue makes you pick a folder is most likely because if you select any viewport, it is thinking you want to batch print