Guru's and programmers help! I think i'm nearly there..!

  • Ok, I admit, I'm desperate for my first 'showcase' or 'proud' post but I have hit some big stumbling blocks still. That said, I am loving what you guys are doing with Enscape and I love using it, possibly for not what its designed for, but I've made a decision to stick with Enscape as commercially, your pitch (cost and workflow) suits me very well.

    Anyway, help!

    I have 2 current issues, 1 with transparent materials, and another question I maybe kow the answer to but need validation and/or advice.

    1. Transparent textures;

    How do I achieve an actual frosted or textures transparent finish to a material. Or maybe I'm asking for semi-tans? Everything I do doesn't retain a frosted of high refractive effect? See badly marked up render noted B. Further to that, looking at the front view vs the rear, theres lots of reflection from the interior on the rear shot which shouldn't happen, but the front is fine? I've applied the material finish to a group or component and not a surface so this shouldn't be an issue still, no?

    Second question, speckles or pixelation of certain areas of surfaces. I as many have experienced this with other software as lighting issues or under-rendering? Is there a term for this? It happens a bit in small areas and I want to k ow what I'm doing wrong to cause this.

    Front shot attached for reference of transparent finishes to shot what i'm looking for currently.

    Appreciate any help from you all!


    p.s. anyone know a good sub div plugin other than Nat Zappia's and the Tommos (?). Specifically for curvasive automotive modelling. Thats bonus right now though :)

  • I think it's the reflection of the floor, trying indirect light like in a studio photo shoot.

    i guess in the interior you got a light the same effect in the photography, especially if the background is deep black.