Exe Standalone with reduced hardware requirements - display quality like Web-Walkthrough

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  • Dear Enscape Team!

    Thanks for this great tool - it's absolutely amazing how everything works!

    But: It would be great if there is a possibility to create a walkthrough with the display quality of the Web-Version (and reduced hardware reqirements concerning the graphics cards) as Standalone Executable. Most of our customers don't have such powerful devices as needed for the conventional Exe-Walkthrough - and the Web-Version is often also not suitable. Either because of security measures (problems with firewalls, external links etc.) or because of the fact, that uploading large and detailed models to your cloud does not really work.

    Best regards, Sebastian

    • Official Post

    Thanks a lot for your first post here and welcome to our forum BFK architekten , this is something which is already filed as a feature request since it has been requested before - we're definitely aware that this is something which is demanded by quite a few customers already. I'm adding your upvote to the topic! :)

  • BFK architekten Actually, if you run the standalone in Draft mode, you get 98% the same performance profile as the web-standalone. You can downgrade the quality an existing standalone or set the quality setting when exporting, since the standalone will start with the visual settings you had when packaging.