Odd flicker with cove / under cabinet lighting

  • I've got a strange issue with cove/under cabinet lighting. I'm getting these odd flickers that seem very specific square or rectangle shapes.
    There's no co-planar surfaces.
    There's no architecture/objects past the face of the affected walls. In other words, the squares showing up aren't related to anything beyond the wall.

    This happens with both IES or standard Enscape lights.

    I'm running 2.6.0 11215.

    Here's a video showing the issue. Starts happening at around the 15sec mark.


  • The main flicker I see is with the taps: are they modeled as 'tubes' or 'cylinders'? Try making both the inside and outside materials the same?

    The 'square' I think is just an artifact with the way the scene is rendered (The viewing screen is split into various squares that it renders on every frame. The program decides if it needs to render a square, the order that it renders these, how it decides which bit to render first, ... how it decides is some of the black-magic voodoo that makes Enscape so quick. I guess that the square you see flashing is the result of the camera at that exact angle having just the wrong proportion of black to white pixels that makes it confused. You could try changing the coffee machine a little bit or re-position it?)

  • Gadget, thanks. I figured it might be connected to some sort of 'bucket' type rendering process - similar to any offline CPU based engine - just working much faster. What's puzzling is why it's related to any light that's close to a vertical surface? Hopefully the Devs will see this and take a look.

    The taps exhibit that almost anti-aliasing effect that often occurs with realtime. I'll make sure the inside faces have the same material! Tnx

  • Hi landrvr1 , thx for your report!

    Correct observation, that does look like an artifact related to our tiled lighting implementation. Did you try if the same issue occurs with our latest 2.7 Preview version as well? We did some bugfixes in those areas as well.

  • Clemens, I'm not sure what 'tiled lighting' is....? lol. The preview and latest versions don't work for me until I try that code fix. Let me try and dig up that thread and see if I can get 2.7 working without RTX as you folks suggested.

  • Okay, per my other thread I managed to get Preview 2.7 up and running sort of.

    The flicker problem DOES NOT show up.

    However, standard Enscape rectangular lights along a core wall cove are exhibiting an odd behavior:

    This does not occur with 2.6 - although with that version you do sometimes get the tile problem.

  • That's very unfortunate, sorry about that. We'd love to have a look at that issue, if you could provide us with that project file (or at least the part where this issue occurs).

  • Just to be clear, there are two separate issues that manifest themselves on two separate Enscape versions:

    2.6 The under cabinet lighting exhibits the rectangular/tile flicker, but the cove lights aren't bad (though some flicker)

    2.7 Preview the under cabinet lighting is fine, but cove lighting is showing through the ceiling. No flicker that I've noticed.

  • I'm looking at it with 2.7. We've had another look and could reproduce the issue. It appears to be a sort of self-shadowing issue, since the light sources are actually above the ceiling geometry (see screenshot):

    Are you aware of that? I'd suggest to move the light source below the ceiling geometry in any case, as such a constellation is always likely to lead to issues. Just placing it where it would be in a real-world scenario should usually yield the best results.

    Hope that helps!

  • Doh! Well I feel stupid. I thought I had moved those lights after I changed the cove depth. lol. Thank goodness my under cabinet lighting was in the right place! heh.

    I'm not seeing the flicker anymore with the cove lighting.