How to make separate clips

  • Hello guys ,

    I wanted to ask how to make separated clips in animation

    because when i add keyframes they relate to the previous keyframes but what i want to do to make separate clips to start drom different points ,, is it possible ?


  • You need to make use of the "load/save" video buttons: Enscape can only have one path loaded at a time.

    After generating all the videos you then need third party software to stitch them together.

  • What Gadget has already stated Ahmed Abdlsahb , still, I'll gladly forward your inquiry to allow for multiple camera paths which could be used at once to export multiple videos as well.

  • ... a pragmatic suggestion for your question is that you (as already suggested by Gadget here) save your path under a new additional name. Then you start a new video session by loading this new path. Now you can delete all frames except the one from which you intend to start this new animation. This one particular frame then at least is identical to the correlating frame of your previous animation.
    As Gadget wrote above - As a result, however, you now inevitably get another new video file. If you want to merge these into one video later on, the use of any other video editing software is unavoidable.