Turn off Customization Assets

  • We have been pushing Customization Assets to individual machines that are already set to load when Enscape loads. Clients will come back and ask us to turn all of these assets off for a rendering. There is no easy way to do that except for deleting the asset, taking the rendering, and then loading the asset back in.

    On top of that, these assets are hidden away from end-users in a AppData folder so they do not accidentally delete them. After they remove them (the easy part) it usually requires assistance to get the assets remapped to the settings screen.

    What I have shown below would be a simple check box that the user could turn off, start the application, take the shot, then turn the assets back on.


  • Welcome to our forum kraftwerk15 , I will gladly forward your feedback to our developers in form of a dedicated feature request, thank you very much!