Camera Path XML Creation using Rhino and Grasshopper

  • I am trying to create a grasshopper script that will take a camera path and a "look at" curve from within rhino and create the camera path xml file to import into enscape. I am doing this because the current animation editor is so so...

    While I am able to create the xml file, Enscape will crash any time I try and edit any of the keyframes. I've also noticed that some will just show as a "black/blank keyframes".

    Another question I have is in regards to the orientation of the x,y,z axis from rhino to Enscape... I am swapping the y and z, but there still seems to be an issue with location/scale of the camera path being created. (what are the default units within enscape?)

    Thank you for your help. See attached files.

  • noahmkelly

    Changed the title of the thread from “Camera Path XML Creation using rhino and Grasshopper” to “Camera Path XML Creation using Rhino and Grasshopper”.