Asset Request. People using appliances

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  • Hi, would like to request adding people assets with them interacting with objects like....

    People pressing lift buttons.

    People opening doors.

    People using kitchen appliances. e.g Microwave, coffee maker, fridge etc...

    People working on laptops.

    Basically not just standing around but doing everyday tasks...


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    Waycool , animated people doing things like you mentioned (without the opening doors part probably) will actually be implemented with 2.9, although we cannot make any certain promises just yet. :)

  • I second this request, but not as animation but 'frozen' people that do certain actions:

    • going up and down stairs
    • pressing a button (provide a couple different heights)
    • ...
  • Small Looped animations of people standing or sitting in place in conversation would be awesome.

    Small hand gestures, Laughing, head nods. - Similar to the wind movement in the vegetation.

    This would give some life without having to provide paths for people walking from point A to point B.

    Also, more Poll deck type people (including children) would help with Spa, Resort, and Hotel projects.