Positioning with Oculus in SketchUp

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  • Everytime we start Enscape in SketchUp, we are in the floor or ceiling... Have "Synchronize Views" checked and "Spectator Height" is 1.73m. Have a number of saved scenes in the model, no matter which one we select it starts us out wherever it wants it seems. Any help would be appreciated.

    Also, is there a specific number of settings for optimum user viewing with the Rift?

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    Hi VIZ Graphics

    what usually happens when using "Roomscale VR" with Enscape (I assume you're using it, since you mentioned teleporting), is that Enscape tries to place you ontop of the next available floor - this might not be the exact same position as your current camera if there is geometry nearby. Did you try navigating to a more open space (about 1m² around the camera suffices) before activating VR?

    One thing to also keep in mind is that Sketchup views often have a rather low field of view (the effect is similar to "zooming in") - so the actual camera position might be far more behind as you might expect intuitively.

  • Thanks for the reply. I work with VIZ Graphics and have more insight on this. Currently the only way I can get VR to launch properly, is to place my view REALLY close to the actual floor, like 1ft off the ground. Then when we launch Enscape it detects that as the nearest floor surface. However...when we then export a standalone file it starts with our head in the ceiling.

    One thought I also posted to the Development Agenda forum. Can you create a "Floor" keyword? Then only objects with "floor" in the material label would be used as floors in VR for launch?