Double seats License

  • Hi!
    I used Enscape on Sunday for the first time and I am in love with your Program! Thank you for this!
    I am an Architecture Student and I have many computers. One laptop and two desktops and they are not at the same place.
    My Problem is about my License. With the Student License I can´t install Enscape on all my computers.
    Is possible to solve this problem? Is not easy to choose only one and to know where I will need Enscape the next time.

    Thank you!

    Michela :thumbsup:

  • When it comes to the free educational license which we're providing to individual students there is only one seat included, which means you can only use Enscape at one machine at a time. But, you can always move the license around from one machine to the next simply deactivate your license beforehand in the Licensing tab located in the Enscape General Settings menu. Afterward, you can re-activate the license on any of your desktop machines or laptop.