Effortless google cardboard usage for our clients?

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  • So just wrapping up our first project using Enscape, and we were excited to get a string of VR google cardboard renders in front of client faces.

    Unfortunately, we realized that the built in integration is very barebones. While it works well enough if you only have one render, its awful for trying to get our older tech-illiterate clients to handle if there's more than one cardboard panorama. Every new link/view means the client has to take their phone out of the cardboard, exit the page, go back to the link to the next page, then put the phone back in.

    We tried using services like Google Poly Tours, which have built in web-friendly functionality to do exactly what we want... but it doesn't work on iOS (guess what most of our clients use?).

    I've briefly looked into other services but the costs/features are bloated to the extreme, clearly targeting large firms. We just can't justify $50-100+/mo for what Poly does for free especially when we're just a tiny firm.

    I just need to be able to send a link to a client, have them pop their phone in cardboard, and then click the google cardboard button to move to different scenes - that's it! Is there anything that does this *and* works on iOS that doesn't require a bloated monthly fee?

  • There have been multiple feature requests to link or 'hotspot' panoramas together - that bit can be done with third party software, but how would you navigate between them with cardboard without taking the phone out of the enclosure?

  • The cardboard has a button built into it specifically for this purpose - in the past my partner used an offline app for iOS that you could load a sketchup model into - clicking the button would progress to the next scene. Sadly this app is no longer available, plus we'd want to use something that works for 360 cardboard pano's.

  • We have had good success using yulio.com ($35/month/seat). Simple intuitive interface for stitching together panoramas.

    It would be very nice to be able to export a model view from Enscape and have it correctly locate Hotspots for 360 pano's. +1 for that idea.

  • So after more digging, we actually found kuula worked quite well for this, and it's very affordable at $12-16/mo depending on if you pay upfront or monthly. At worst, the free version is a barebones but effective hosting portal for 3D cardboard content (but Enscape does this just fine too).

    The problem we ran into with services like Roundme and other web apps that did tour stitching is they don't work on iOS, and haven't adopted new standards to get it to work (the site needs to force VR mode in a command, or something to that effect - which enscape actually does!). Or they don't have features that can seamlessly deliver a tour to a client. Kuula actually works on all platforms and has features for seamless embedding & plan views built into it's cost (unlike Roundme which charges per project for these features).

    Stuff like Yulio on paper appeared to support this stuff as well, but it's almost twice the price and I'd be paying for features I'd never use.