Survey: Enscape Feature Usage

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  • Dear Forum community, it's time for some statistics. :)

    We want to know how you are using Enscape and how you rate the usability of our software.

    For this purpose we have prepared a survey that systematically goes through our main features.

    However, in order to keep it short, not every single aspect within the domain is examined.

    We would greatly appreciate a lively participation.

    Please click the link below to start the survey:

    The survey above has been closed for now! Thank you for your time and insights!

  • Same here. We support around 50 designers using Enscape so I see what the non-expert user struggles with on a daily basis.

    I also believe that some small changes could go a long way. It sounds like a UI revamp might be in the books next year, but I'm hoping we don't have to wait that long for some much needed optimizations (bring back the preset dropdown for example, the current presets windows couldn't be more hidden) .

  • I would like to see a complete re-think and re vamp of the UI (and program workflows), in general it is very fragmented and doesnt allow for a great workflow.

    I am glad that enscape have employed someone to look at this with a complete fresh approach (god know it needs it)

  • Are the help instructions mostly displayed or hidden?

    ** Well, do you mean, do I mostly Hide them or are they Hidden when I open Enscape....

    How do you feel about the usability of the video editor in Enscape?

    ** Not complicated, but not "great"

    How often do you save new presets in the Visual Settings?

    ** I don't see an option "by project" rather than by views.. otherwise it's rarely? Is every project Rare.. ambiguous choices.

    *Only reason I don't export as much .EXE and web standalone is that there is no possibility to disable fly-mode or an invisible boundary material

    **Your survey answers goes from "Once per project" to "Rarely", maybe you should add "most of the time", or "sometimes", the answer range is not optimal for your study...

  • Some of the survey responses do not fit my answer to the question. Ie.

    How do you feel about the usability of the video editor in Enscape?

    Complicated is not the word I would use. It is un-intuitive and overly simplified.

    The timeline editor would be easier to use if the UI were more "complicated looking" because we would then have direct access to more variables, rather than having to repeat specific steps in sequence in order to achieve something like change the relative time that a keyframe should be set to.

    Try studying existing packages like 3dsmax or Cinema 4d, their timeline / keyframe editors may "look" more complicated, but are actually simpler to use when attempting to achieve a specific type of movement.

    Even better than attempting to write a perfect video editor that can be both simple and capable, would be to allow import of camera animation from another package. This way you could keep a simple UI for Enscape's native "video editor" AND allow complex animation by those who likely already own and use 3dsmax, Cinema4d, Blender, etc.

  • I would like to echo this 100%. Being able to create video walk-throughs would be great (and would be a great alternative to exporting .exes - one of the big problems with these is not being able to curate the way that a client sees the project, for example if areas are not done or if the sequence of spaces is important), but currently we don't use it as the system is so dumbed down that it's actually very difficult to get a final product that looks good. Since there isn't much fine control, it is very difficult to make small adjustments to the camera and to have a video that doesn't appear "swimmy."

  • Agreed with the comments on the animation tools. It is not "complicated" but the amount of trial and error is beyond frustrating when you try to create anything with more than 2-3 keyframes. It needs a directly editable camera path, camera targets, and a timeline w/adjustable keyframes. I am curious if that is even possible given the constraints of having to work within a program like Sketchup.

    I do appreciate that the .xml file is easily editable, if you want to, say, fix the eye point at a certain height. It seems like that data could be imported from other programs.

  • I want to thank all participants of the survey very much. Over the last months, more than 190 responded to the survey, giving us a good insight into the general use of the features. This kind of exchange helps us to further improve Enscape and I hope to continue to have such valuable input in the future. Thank you!

  • I am curious if that is even possible given the constraints of having to work within a program like Sketchup.

    I wonder if it's ever been discussed internally if an external program would be better than working inside of SketchUp - like Lumion, Twinmotion, etc. There are some benefits to it NOT being an external program, however. Top of my list would be being able to VERY easily adjust lights inside SU vs how it's done in Lumion or Twinmotion where for larger projects you can easily get into light placement/adjustment hell pretty quickly...