Camera and sunrise icon missing from Revit ribbon views list

  • Dear enscape team,

    In the pre 2.7 versions of Enscape there used to be a little camera and sunrise icon next to the view list on the ribbon tab for enscape.

    There i could change the view camera location OR sunlight settings without changing visible geometry. Now both of these are gone and when i click on the view name it changes the view AND the sunlight but also any visible geometry.

    Is there a scope to put these icons back to do the function as previously? Or what is the approach i should take if i don't want to change visible geometry and only adjust the camera view OR sunlight setting (not both at the same time)

  • Pavol Perdoch , check out this thread here:


    Also, welcome to our forum. :) I'll forward your feedback as an inquiry to implement this feature back into Enscape if you like.