Wish: create material within Enscape Material Editor

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  • Hi,

    one of the annoying things right now is that in order to have a new material, one has to create it in the rhino material editor first and then edit it afterwards in the enscape material editor.

    This slows down the workflow considerably, since you often have to jump between both editors wich also consume a lot of "screen real estate".

    I would imagine it cannot be to hard to implement a way that you can create a material from within the enscape material editor.

    Please !


  • ... and by the way: why is the material editor always "on Top" ? while I have the material editor open, I cannot access other dialog boxes, which makes it even mare cumbersome, because it means in order to have a new material right now I have to:

    1. close the enscape material editor...

    2. open the rhino editor...

    3. create a rhino material ...

    4.reopen the enscape editor...

    5. select the new material...

    6. edit the new material...

    all these steps should be one inside enscape material editor !

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    v-cube , I have gladly forward your feedback, thanks a lot. Please keep in mind, that there may be technical limitations which hinder allowing this exact workflow you've proposed - still, it's been forwarded, also that you would not like to have material editor always on top.

    Our thought process is that there should usually be enough space on the screen available, since most users are using at least two screens, so it's helpful when the dialogue does not disappear in the background - it's a different story of course if space is lacking, so thanks again for the feedback.

  • Hi Damian,

    thank you for forwarding my request. It is not so much abut the space, but about not being able to do something else while the material manager window is open !!! So you are forced to close it, do whatever you have to do, then reopen it , close it again (... you get the idea...) that is basically the opposite of the comfortable situation you describe when you would have e.g. all your properties windows, material editors and so on organized on a second screen... it does not change anything since you cannot access any other window because enscape´s material editor being "on top" of everything is actively preventing this!

    Here is a video to illustrate my point, I really wonder that I am the only one who is actually finding this terrible, IMHO that is a workflow KILLER for every professional usage and 100 % unnecessary. I also have not seen this behavior with any other plugin i have used ( and I have used many...)

    Can you reproduce that?




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    I'm so very sorry for the late reply, this answer of yours must've slipped through me. I can reproduce this as well, and this may as mentioned be due to technical reasons - still I'll gladly discuss this again once more in the next upcoming developer meeting. Thank you everyone for your input!