Leaf translucency?

  • Hi,

    after some first problems I got the translucency effect of curtains working. Quite nice looking. :)

    Also I tried to get an effect for an exterior scene, but there I had no luck. Attached some comparison images.

    First I have overseen that a leaf effect is added, because it was very light only - see three image comparison. I like the translucency effect per 500% sun, but only the sun light is to bright.

    Later, from an other view angle and skybox disabled I got other effects, the leaf effect cause an additional darkening. (auto exposure and contrast disabled).


  • Leaf means that a fraction of the light passes through the surface. That means that on the side that receives direct light from the sun, the reflected amount will be slightly less, hence darker. You notice the pass through the most if you look directly in the sun with a single layer of leaf material in between. It's a subtle effect.

  • Could be nice if there could be a way to control the intensity of the effect. For example a white curtain can be thick/heavy or extremely light and flowing in the wind. My white curtain looks like a quite heavy one.

    Also leaves are more translucent in spring. My version looks like late summer, thick and dark with nearly invisible effect (if we compare no effect and effect with 100% sun). I miss to get a stronger translucency effects.

    Could translucent materials not use the transparency slider to control the effect intensity? Instead to disable the translucent effect the effect could be adjusted. Since the translucent effect looks very promising I hope this little additional control can be added.