Rhino 6 - AMD - Enscape 2,7

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  • Hello

    I have tried to use enscape 2.7 on rhino 6 but it doesnt launch.

    I have AMD Radeon pro vega 20

    it keeps loading, however i can place proxy, but if i click launch it freezes

    2020.02.23 11:03:50.208 +01:00 [1] | INFO | Start Enscape ...

    2020.02.23 11:03:51.673 +01:00 [1] | INFO | Continue with evaluation license

    2020.02.23 11:03:51.966 +01:00 [RenderWindowHostThread] | INFO | Starting Enscape

    2020.02.23 11:03:51.973 +01:00 [RenderWindowHostThread] | ERROR | Failed to load C:\Users\Jerome\AppData\Local\Programs\Enscape\Renderer\Bin64\Enscape.dll: 126 (The specified module could not be found)

    2020.02.23 11:03:51.974 +01:00 [RenderWindowHostThread] | INFO | Enscape started - elapsed: 7ms

    2020.02.23 11:03:51.976 +01:00 [RenderWindowHostThread] | ERROR | System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

    at cfb91d713211f1fb8ef6597e707af15170.cfb91d713211f1fb8ef6597e707af1517.Enscape_Initialize_From_Plugin(String , IntPtr& , cdab670e47fb8b8291e652a58a014c46b , cc96e8e4810d3812dbf5306dc5e46795f , Boolean , Boolean , String[] , Int32 )

    at A.c5dc70fa8e76921af4b8d26c6cac91b2b.Start(c5607c4cfa630d65f33cfabf2b7f53a63 startupParameters)

    at A.cba64bc38b3b19ad9f0288d5ee0240bcf.c71a849d1a13c3fb3cc1202894514d064(c5607c4cfa630d65f33cfabf2b7f53a63 caa6667e6dfb7bd24a405ff017702af83, IntPtr& c404eea8e8da0d05a4603fe089fe71eff)

    at A.c1ead2c0e26a1b9b7e0360b0f392ee109.cfd4435f77ac902029f112fb4598a864c()

    Would gladly like to try before the trial runs out !



  • Hi jepicard

    Thanks for reporting!

    We have seen strange crashes on AMD GPUs when latest Rhino and latest AMD drivers are used with Enscape. You may try to install 19.Q4.1 driver version to see if it helps: https://www.amd.com/en/support…ontier-edition-air-cooled

    You are also welcome to send us feedback with the complete Enscape logs, so we could have a precise look at what is wrong. Please send us feedback (see links in my message signature for how).

    Thank you!