White trees?

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  • As we can't create our own proxies - I would like an option to remove all textures from inserted Enscape assests.

    That way we can have a "model look" cause I find the included trees a bit cartoonish / gamelike, so instead to try to create to real looking trees, then admit they don't look real, and go the other way and render them as models. I have added an example of a model look.

    But I might me that does something wrong - since I get such dark trees?


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    Jorgensen , it always depends on the amount of light in your scene, where the sunlight is coming from, how you setup the exposure of your scene when it comes to the brightness of the trees. In your case I can advice to simply set up the sun's location in a way that it shines on the trees - they should be less dark afterward.

    I'll also gladly forward your inquiry accordingly to be able to remove any textures from the assets making them uniformly white.