2.7. Batch render not exporting SU scenes with sections correctly?

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  • Hi, did a search on batch render and sections on the latest release but wasn’t lucky so here my post:

    When batch rendering a project with a mix of scenes like “normal” perspective views and various sections, I find the sections don’t get exported with cut. Looks like the settings of the first scene are used to render sections. (that use a different SU style to control sections) The only way to do it is to batch render only perspectives and render section views manually which is quite time consuming.

    I thought this issue was solved with 2.7 or am I missing something? Got exited when I saw the link to cad model option but all my batch renders turn up “uncut”.
    Hope you can clarify that for me, thanks in advance. I can post a file if needed)

    Best regards, Thomas

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    LEGOsketcher , thanks for your post and welcome to our forum. :)

    The corresponding projection setting like "perspective", "two-point" or "orthographic" is not saved in views accordingly. In your case I'd recommend to simply activate the orthographic perspective, render the views you want to export with that perspective, and set it to perspective while batch exporting the other views.

    If I'm missing something or misunderstanding you, please let me know!

  • Thanks for the reply Demian and I think you understand right. Ok, so what you are saying is that I always need to batch export twice - once the orthographic sections after setting the projection method and then the remaining perspective views after setting it back to perspective.

    For the future it would be great to be able to do it in one go and a link to the sketchup view settings- could that be a feature request? A standard architectural project would always contain a mix or perspective views and orthographic ones one would like to re-export after an update so I‘m a little surprised there isn‘t more talk about the batch export limitations. It would also be handy for animations when you want to mix a walkthrough with a plan section like you can in the SketchUp.