Wish: Save lens flare (and other options) in Start/End camera points for video export

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  • Hi there,

    I use often the Video export in Enscape. Even if it's limited to start and end points, with some practise it's possible to do interesting things.

    The fact is, when you save the start (or end) point, it saves the standing point and the target, and then Enscape do a double travelling: one for standing points and one for target points. I think it may be interesting to save other start-end points, to do smooth transitions, such as lens flare or hour of day (and illumination or shadow direction with it).

    With the lens flare start-end transition we could do some bokeh-style effects, and with the hour of day we can get a time-lapse effect or show difference between day and night.

    Thanks in advance, I hope you find this idea useful!

  • xsb Thanks for your feedback.

    It's already possible to define a specific time of day for the start- and end point also including your settings for depth of field.

    But you can't define multiple way-/start-/endpoints, but we're working on a more complex video functionality.

    I've forwarded your request to our developers.