Orthographic projected view w/ non-North orientations

  • We have just been looking at the orthographic projected view - after wanting (needing?) it so badly for so long.

    But I think we have found a gotcha - that will, at least for now, limit us using it.

    Specifically, the "parallel" view appears to be to NESW, not any given plane - so where we have rotated elevations (almost always) and want to go perpendicular to that façade, we can't. Unless we've missed some setting?

    Hopefully my awful example model shots explain what I'm getting at.

  • *BUT

    since the above was more an observation than an "idea or request" - here's one to tag on the end:

    when in an orthographic (elevation) view, might right-click "orbit" convert to "turntable", (removing the tilt behaviour) - or better yet, a whole new key/control for such? about model-space-center (as rotation origin point) would be just fine!