VR exe export

  • Hey New_learning , thanks a lot for your posts. In the very first instance, please make sure you're using our latest version of Enscape.

    So generally, activating VR before exporting a .exe Standalone file will not make VR enabled by default when opening that file. Please make sure that you're using the .exe standalone with VR on a capable machine, and of course, the headset and everything else has to be connected and turned on for it to work. Depending on the VR glasses you're using, please make sure to follow the corresponding guides described here.

    Also, when it comes to the part "it is greyed out when VR is turn on" - can you please elaborate that further? What exactly is grayed out?

    In general you should simply be able to activate the Virtual Reality headset in your standalone file like so:

    I suppose you've tried that before?