"Glowing" Glass (at night)

  • (I just posed this on the Trello board but think it might be better suited here)

    Has anyone else noted certain glass appearances,

    even without a self-illumination, "glow" in night scenes?

    I like a bit Michael Bay-esque bloom like every other amateur film-maker so thought that was it,

    but even at zero the "glass" continued to glow.

    I'll post images tomorrow.

  • Yup, I have the same problem, here are two images, ones has a skybox and the other just regular Enscape sky, the skybox version reflects the hdri (exterior) even though it's an interior and the sky version reflects the outside sky thus glowing. This needs a solution.

  • I agree and have the same issue. seems there is some sort of reflection depth. I was doing an interior scene with a bathroom mirror and items with 2+ feet of the mirror are reflected correctly but further it blurs and then starts to reflect the outside environment. Im sure since we are in alpha we will see these issues. I do not seem them a prominent in the revit enscape. See attached weird reflection issues.