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    Our latest net-zero home design, located in Roslyn WA. Straight Enscape renders.

    Last image was brought into Photoshop for the background trees.

  • Very nice renderings - is there any specific reason you're not using any grass in the final rendering for the ground of the Forrest? :) Just to make sure, be aware that you can simply use the keywords "Short Grass", "Grass", "Wild Grass" and "Tall Grass" to have some nice Enscape grass in your scene, and check out our Revit material knowledgebase article here.

  • Yes the forest is a pine forest in reality, so we decided to go with a clay-type material rather than grass. Now if there were a version of the 'grass' filter that simulated a rough forest bed....

  • Do you realise that the "grass" texture takes the colour of the underlying material? So if you use a "Pine forest floor" texture then you will get 'grass' with a better texture than a smooth clay surface.