Orthographic Views

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  • I love the ability to use orthographic views! I am having difficulties using them because of the size of my site. We are working on a large development with several buildings and I want to be able to create a top down orthographic view for a single building. However, when I navigate to such a view and save it to the project, opening the view takes me to the same camera settings but always in the center of the view - aka, it is no longer examining my building, but rather a large piece of grass. I can imagine a workaround for this by using the scope box, so no rush. But it would be useful to be able to save the location, not default to centered. The same would probably hold true for the other orthographic views as well.

  • The scope box solution is clearly the answer, now that I have tried it.

    Updating to say there might actually be an issue with switching between orthographic and 2-pt perspective views. I have linked visual settings to a view with perspective set, and to another with orthographic set. However, when I switch from one view to the other, the view changes but the current settings for orthographic/perspective view override the ones linked to the view. If I render while the current visual settings are perspective, everything renders correctly. If I render while they are set to orthographic, the Saved perspective views look correct but the saved orthographic views are zoomed way way out. It's just weird.

    Maybe a quirk or a bug? But for now, just make sure current visual settings are set to perspective when rendering views of either sort.